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Virginia based startups who meet the criteria below are encouraged to apply for funding from VVP.

I am an investor at Virginia Venture Partners (VVP), a $100M family of seed and early stage venture capital funds investing in Virginia-based startups.

At VVP, my team and I invest in high growth technology startups at the pre-Seed and Seed stage. We are industry agnostic, but past investments are clustered in Software, Clean Energy, Aerospace, and Biotech.

We invest up to $200,000 at pre-Seed, and up to $1M in Seed stage startups with the ability to support portfolio companies at later stages opportunistically. Since 2005, VVP has invested in more than 300 Virginia-based startups.

To be considered for investment from VVP, please apply for funding here.

Below are some basic investment criteria including how I define a venture backable business, growth stages, and the type of businesses I’m most interested in personally.

These are rough guidelines. Please consider applying for funding even if your business doesn’t meet all of the criteria below.

My Focus Area
Enterprise Software and Hard Tech solutions for:
+ Aerospace
+ Agriculture
+ Construction
+ Energy
+ Supply Chain

Growth Stage Definitions
+ Pre-Seed - you've built something, have some users, minimal revenue
+ Seed - a few paying customers, accelerating user growth, revenue under $1M
+ Series A - indications of product/market fit, starting to scale, revenue under $5M

Desired Business Characteristics
+ Scalable & repeatable business model - likely a product not a service
+ Unique, technology-based IP providing a structural advantage over competitors
+ A large ($1B+) and fast growing (12% + CAGR) addressable market

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